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Train with Watts on the HiTrainer ATP+ Treadmill

Train with Watts on the HiTrainer ATP+ Treadmill
HiTrainer ATP + Self Powered Treadmill Feature
Watts is a measurement of your power or output - which is
why watts training is often referred to as “training with
power.” In scientific terms, a watt is equal to one “joule” per
second – with a “joule” being the derived unit needed to
accelerate a mass of one kilogram over a distance of one
meter. Watts is your power to overcome inertia and make
things go – to pedal your bike, climb a set of stairs, or run
on a treadmill. Every HiTrainer shows you your watts output
and lets you effectively train with power.
Objective Data on Intensity
As a measurement of performance output, what is important
about watts is the fact that watts are objective – they are not
affected by other conditions like heat, which might impact
your body if you were running outdoors. The capability of
observing your watts gives you immediate and quantifiable
feedback on the intensity of your workout.
Stay motivated
When concentrating on watts you stay motivated to maintain
your target workload during hard efforts. This type of
training will build your endurance, increase your speed,
make you stronger, and overall, simply improve your
physical performance.
Monitor fatigue
Watts can also help you pace your efforts. Instead of
training too hard and becoming fatigued, you can monitor
your watts input to stay within your target zone and
complete a workout knowing you are exercising at your
personal best.
Accurate measurement of calories burned
If losing weight is one of your goals, a watts based training
program can also help you be successful. When you
monitor and record watts, you get the most accurate
measurement of calories burned during your workout. You
can use this information to help plan your caloric input to
loose, maintain, or gain muscle weight depending on your
personal goals.
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