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Training Wall® Available At CYC Fitness

Training Wall® Available At CYC Fitness

Designed and engineered in Barcelona, Training Wall® is a fitness concept that offers endless potential for a powerful, full body workout. It coordinates and balances the upper and lower limbs simultaneously, whilst stabilising the trunk’s muscles to maintain correct alignment throughout exercising. Core stability helps to increase performance and prevent possible injury. Training Wall® allows the entire body and mind to work in harmony with complete postural control, making it ideal for all-round fitness and rehabilitation.

Training Wall® offers unlimited opportunities for cardiovascular workouts, strength resistance, and a whole range of exercises to improve flexibility, balance and coordination, thanks to its vast range of performance tools and accessories on a quick-release anchor system.

The real beauty of Training Wall® lies in its space-saving design. Essentially, any facility can have the wall-mounted panels, and you can decide on how big or small you would like your station to be. Chin ups, dips, rope pulling, jumping, climbing, throwing and boxing can all be performed on the wall, and clever storage solutions and shelving help to keep your gym looking smart and organised.

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