10mm x 1m x 1m Gym Flooring Tile Black (10 Pack)

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Swiss Barbell combines great value and versatility to offer a complete new range of equipment that meets all your strength and conditioning requirements. Uncompromising durability and functionality make Swiss Barbell the perfect choice for essential strength frames, benches, bars, free weights and accessories. Rigs, racks and storage options are adaptable, compact and even customisable, and flooring basic yet brilliant for absorption, installation and maintenance. Swiss Barbell offers affordability and quality you and your clients can trust.

Swiss Primal Tiles offer unrivalled protection and durability, making them the perfect flooring for fitness clubs. The elastic material composition protects the joints and ligaments of professional and leisure athletes throughout their workouts and sports performance training.

Made from Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR), these granulated tiles have good abrasion resistance. Their viscoelastic consistency protects against heavy, blunt loads, sharp points and edges, and against constant heavy loads. The tiles are ideal for areas where dumbbells and barbells might be dropped, and where heavy equipment places an excess load on the floor. Swiss Primal Tiles can bear heavy loads and withstand hard knocks and sharp impacts that would cause serious damage to conventional flooring and the underlying screed.  

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Swiss Primal rubber tiles:


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