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Tuff Tile Ramp Edge

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Rain or shine

Tuff tiles are UV stabilized making them highly UV resistant, resulting in a finish that is extremely durable and not prone to discolouring or fading in direct sunlight.


Tuff Tiles are 4 x point injection moulded with 24 x connecting points for added strength & durability.


Tuff Tiles are resistant to oils & acids as well as most other chemicals – contact us for more information if required.


They are designed with industrial standards in mind – Capable of withstanding 20 tonnes of direct loadings per tile & 75 tonnes rollover weight, it Is perfectly suited for use on almost any floor area, from workshops to dealerships as well as home garages & gyms to name a few. Suitable for jacking vehicles & supporting axle stands.

Quality Guarentee

We are UK based and pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction!

All Tuff Tile products come with our industry leading Lifetime Warranty showing dedication to customer care & confidence in the quality of our products.

Temperature Resistance

Tuff Tile is commercially graded temperature resistant. Suitable for use in temperatures from -40°C to 120°C


Lifetime Warranty – Such is the confidence in the quality & durability of our products – They come with a Lifetime Warranty as standard!

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