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Glute Training - more than just a craving for a peachy posterior

Glute Training - more than just a craving for a peachy posterior

2019 was the year of the booty, the butt, the behind that thrust its way to the fore of fitness, leaving fanatics striving for the perfectly formed posterior. Tap in #glutes to Instagram and you will find in the region of 5.5 million posts. Glute training will certainly improve your rear aesthetics, but it’s not just about working for the pertest, head-turning peach. Exercising those gluteal muscles is vital for all-round strength and stability.

The glutes consist of three major layers of muscle; the maximus, medius and minimus, and play a crucial role in supporting the core. Strong, active glutes help us to avoid muscle imbalances, lower back pain and poor posture, which are highly problematic for those who spend long periods of time sitting, whilst the gluteus muscles remain dormant. Failure to ‘fire up’ those glutes will lead to compromising on speed and power for sports performance and functional movement. It could also create a reliance on other muscles, particularly when lifting, and cause a dreaded injury.

Glute training is by no means a new concept, it has merely been revamped, and makes for exciting social media material. Traditionally, glute exercising consisted of the barbell hip thrust, which involves placing a loaded Olympic bar on to the upper thighs to raise against a bench. This of course, is a highly effective, tried and tested means of working the buttocks, but can be rather daunting for novice lifters, and incredibly dangerous if performed incorrectly. Thankfully, there is now a varied, super smooth range of glute equipment available, for which safety reigns supreme.

At CYC we offer three of the most sensational, sought after machines for glute training. Since its release in 2017, the plate-loaded Nautilus Glute Drive has earned itself an almost iconic status for the safe and effective execution of hip thrust exercises. It isolates the glutes to build power through strong hip bridge movements to create fabulous shape and tone. The Glute Drive is safe on the back, promotes a proper hip hinging motion and improves hip and core stability.

The Exigo UK Glute Thrust is another exceptional piece that is renowned for its superior biomechanics and durability. Also plate-loaded, the Glute Thrust’s ISO lateral technology allows users to move both limbs at the same time, or individually. Custom frame and upholstery colours make this a hugely popular choice for gym managers who wish to showcase their brand.

Finally, The Abs Company BootyCoaster™ is the glute booster to watch in 2020. All set for our UK launch in January, this selectorised piece works with team gluteus to stabilise the pelvis and correct movement in the hips. It increases flexibility and mobility and prevents troublesome strains and pains.

The BootyCoaster’s curved rails provide the perfect motion to sculpt a rounded, toned posterior. Many machines on the market allow for only one movement, whereas The BootyCoaster™ merges two motions in one. With a combined down and back motion, the intuitive BootyCoaster™ isolates the glutes to provide a total lower body exercise. Its sleek, slim design takes up little space on the gym floor, and pin selection resistance up to 90kg (200lbs) offers a challenging workout for all fitness levels.

With trust in the power of the mighty gluteals, and a peach of a collection from CYC, there has never been a better time to train the derrière. Believe in the booty, it’s here to stay.

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