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The Impulse Bicep Curl machine is a single station designed to isolate the biceps. Arm training can be improved by adding this machine into workouts as it helps to stimulate the biceps, build mass and create definition across the muscle. The plate loaded design is robust and sturdy, letting users focus on their form with an increased range of motion across the biceps.

The PVC and leather upholstery provides maximum comfort during workouts. With the arms resting on the pads, it removes shoulder flexion keeping the sole focus of the movement on the biceps. This helps users to focus on their form, provides maximum stimulation and keeps users injury free.

Free weights can occasionally have safety concerns when lifting heavy weights, and using a single station bicep curl machine is a great way of reducing potential injury risk. If users go too heavy, they can simply drop the bar and allow it to return to the start position safely.

It can also be a great option for users with strength imbalances as it forces a focus on using correct form without the use of body sway or momentum to lift the weight. A compact small floorplan makes this bicep curl machine a convenient space saving solution for any strength training facility.

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