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Impulse Health Tech Co Ltd is a leading innovator of fitness equipment. Impulse has over 35 years’ experience supplying cardio and strength fitness equipment to gyms worldwide, and more than 18 years as an OEM business, manufacturing for global fitness brands. The company offers an array of functional, home, light commercial and commercial fitness equipment, all built for functionality, durability and style. Impulse employs industrial designers from the USA and Europe to work on its product development teams, and selects critical components from reputable and reliable international sources. Impulse offers complete packages, with a commercial grade focus, at competitive prices.

The Impulse Hack Squat machine is the perfect lower body piece of equipment which allows users to perform a variety of compound movements that work all major leg muscles. This piece of equipment can be a great alternative to the traditional barbell squat as it can be safely used with heavy weight loads without the need for a spotter. The non-slip plate ensures maximum grip during workouts and allows users to take on heavy loads with perfect form whilst not compromising their knee joints.

The high angle frame makes this piece of equipment great for any home gym or commercial workout space and it can also be easily adjusted to suit different height requirements. The safety catches on either side allow users to push through workouts and stop easily when required. Weight storage can be found on the back of the hack squat machine where up to four different sets of weight plates can be held.

Product features


Weight - 100kg

Max weight plate storage pegs - 175kg per peg

Max user weight -150kg

Dimensions - 1982 x 1485 x 1318mm

Warrnty type - commercial warranty

Frame - Lifetime

Moving parts and bearings - 2 years

Cables/springs/linear bearings - 1 year

Upholstery and handles - 6 months

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