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Founded in 2015, ROCKIT® is one of the world's fastest growing free weights brands. Offering a unique range of weights, studio equipment and functional training accessories, the ROCKIT® range has been designed with both form and function in mind. Every detail in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ROCKIT® equipment embodies the company's pursuit of product excellence and outstanding service. The quality not only lies in the best materials and manufacturing standards, but also in the design, appearance and feel. ROCKIT® can transform a standard, functional space into an enticing fitness utopia with infinite potential. 

Product features

Easy to understand and use, the ROCKIT Power Grip adds an entirely new dimension to back training. The power grips add significantly more weight to the bar while providing a gripping surface for your hands, resulting in gains in strength and size by preventing grip failure during heavy pulls. This allows deeper levels of back training, by allowing for longer sets with less rest between sets.

There are eight unique power grips in total with multiple variations. They exercise the back muscles at different angles and are more ergonomically correct than other lat bar handles. Each Power Grip is tailored to specific back exercises, enabling you to keep proper form.


The back muscles, which account for 70% of the upper body mass, are frequently neglected. The typical issue with getting an excellent back workout has always been premature grip failure. Many people either leave their exercise feeling that they haven't adequately stretched their back or use wrist straps or other gadgets that are inconvenient and, in many cases, ineffective. Power Grips evolved from the need to transform old-style lat bars and handles.


The wrist is kept in a semi-flexed position by the Swiss Power Grip's unique palm support. The position of the wrist where the biceps are flexed is called flexion. The line of force passes through the proximal phalanx, which is the most efficient and less tiring grip posture, in this stance. As the back workout progresses, the wrist remains in its original position to allow for optimum exercise.


Swiss Power Grips are considerably more comfortable than a common round handle since they distribute the force of the back exercise over the whole hand rather than just the fingers. By allowing the user to focus on the targeted muscle group rather than gripping the lat bar minimizes grip failure and allows him or her to concentrate on the target muscle group without prematurely finishing his or her set.


Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is frequently linked to wrist extension via excessive gripping. Many trainees experience this problem since they grip or squeeze the lat bar handles too hard with their wrists extended. It has been observed that Power Grips, which maintains the wrist in a partially flexed position and shifts the emphasis away from the grip on the lat bar, helps to relieve this condition. Power Grips are proving essential in physical therapy clinics for the treatment of such ailments as tennis elbow.

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