Agility Ladder

This fully portable and durable agility ladder made out of nylon straps and lay-flat plastic side rails will you will get ensure optimal stability and efficiency.

SKU: D0032




Younix Agility Ladder is a flat style tool with yellow rungs and black side straps. It has 11 rungs that are 50cm apart and is 4,5 meters long. The rungs are extremely durable and won’t overlap when in use. It comes in a bag so you can store it and take it with you wherever you go.

Who is it for?

Athletes of all levels and sizes and general population can all benefit from using agility drills on ladder. You can create a fun and competitive challenges, which are motivating and can be a great speed and agility introduction into any workout or a stand-alone session. For general population this type of training can be great for improving aerobic and anaerobic fitness because they will move in ways they normally don’t.

How does it work?

Agility ladder drills can be performed inside in a small space or they can be performed out on the field. Ladder movements include skipping trough rungs, sideways shuffles, one and two legged jumps and other movements performed up and down the ladder. This drills can strengthen your joints, ligaments and tendons while developing balance, coordination, focus and aerobic fitness.

Product features

Fun workout

Agility training is fun. No more boring cardio on treadmill. They are fast paced and constantly changing. They will keep your clients fully engaged by pumping their hart rate up trough the roof. This excitement will keep them coming back for more.

Train anywhere

Agility ladder is an inexpensive tool that you can take with you anywhere and just roll it out on any flat surface. The ladder contains stakes at the end to pin it down when you are using it on the grass outside. Just get the workout done.

HIIT Method

When drills on ladder are performed at high intensity it becomes a form of HIIT training. This type of conditioning training far outperforms conventional aerobic exercises and will get your clients results they are looking for.


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