BlazePod Functional Adapter Kit



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BlazePod offers a world-leading Flash Reflex Training system that brings competition and fun to your workouts. Improve agility, balance, co-ordination, reaction time and strength with BlazePod’s light up touch-sensitive pods. Connect them to your app to access hundreds of pre-defined drills and invaluable performance data. The BlazePod system is effective for novice and professional athletes alike, and can be used in a whole variety of sports and disciplines. Blazepods can be used to improve strength, agility, and overall fitness, BlazePod's can be connected to training wall or treadwalls or used for any cardio training. For example, football, martial arts or running. They have also been shown to improve neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency.

Product features

Get creative with the Functional Adapter Kit that lets you stick your Pods onto windows, mirrors, and so much more. You can tie the Pods to anything from boxing bags to monkey bars, and even trees for outdoor sessions. The kit’s adapters, suction cups, and straps are easy to use, durable, and super functional. Raise your Pods off the ground and get started with so many different and exciting drills. The possibilities are endless.


What's Inside?

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