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HOLD STRONG Fitness GmbH is a project that originated in 2015 in Dortmund, Germany, with the ethos "To deliver the most functional and versatile equipment that doesn't yet exist, one must simply create it." The company first started with the production of high end pull up bars, and has recently taken the next step into the functional fitness market. Customised rigs have evolved in every size, shape and colour imaginable to HOLD STRONG's unsurpassable level of precision manufacturing and quality. HOLD STRONG is forward-looking with a holistic approach to training that has given rise to one of the most exciting and inventive ranges of equipment in the industry. Perfect for both home and commercial fitness studiosHOLD STRONG’s racks, weights, plates, intelligent solutions and fun, innovative, ever-expanding range of functional accessories offer the complete fitness package, with durability and affordability guaranteed. 

Pinch blocks are simply the best grip training tool for increasing raw pinch grip strength.

Available in a variety of sizes this allows you to train, narrow or wide pinch depending on your goals. 

Pinch blocks are perfect for one handed lifting, wide enough to fit your hand and deep enough for even the longest of hands (no cheating). 

Product features

The English "pinch" means as much as pinching or squeezing – and that's exactly what training with the HOLD STRONG Fitness Pinch Blocks is all about. The small steel blocks are used for tensile strength exercises of all kinds. The athlete grips them only with his fingers, the palms remain free. This allows the strength of the fingers and thumbs to be trained very isolated.

The forearms are also partially integrated into the load. Due to the angle, which is strongly modified compared to the usual grip on the pull-up bar or dumbbell, completely new muscle stimuli are set. Even previously neglected and underdeveloped muscles can be "hit" thanks to the pitch block.

The HOLD STRONG Fitness Pinch Block was once invented for the training of climbers, but is also suitable for athletes of other disciplines, for example:

We also recommend the pinch blocks for regular use in Olympic weightlifting. The usual use of the so-called "hook grip" in weightlifting, in which the thumb is placed over the index and middle fingers when gripping the dumbbell, puts the hands to a hard test. Especially in beginners, there are often complaints on the finger joints. Training with the pinch blocks makes it easier to switch to hookgrip and prevents overloading.

Pinch blocks can be attached to any pull-up bar or racks in just a few simple steps. Very common is also the attachment to free weights, e.B. weight discs or loading pins, which are then lifted from the ground only with the force of the fingers – a good alternative even for heavier athletes or beginners who do not yet dare to pull-ups or other exercises on the free slope.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the choice of the right block size. Beginners and people with little fingers should start with the 30 mm variant. For advanced users, sizes from 50 to 80 mm are available.

HS Fitness Pinch Blocks at a glance


Handle Diameter - 30mm, 50mm and 80mm

Length - 150mm

Attachment to - Pull-up bars, stretch bars, railings, kettlebells, weight plates, farmers walk and loading pins.

Scope of delivery - 2x Pinch Blocks, 2x Carabiners, 2x Straps with HS Logo

Warranty - 2 years


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