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Symagrips® antimicrobial hand grips were the brainchild of co-founder, Mike Wood, a qualified personal trainer and sports scientist, based in the UK. Like many great inventions, Symagrips® were the solution to a problem Mike had himself. As an avid cyclist, weightlifter and trainer, Mike had often wondered why he couldn't get grips for his weights and other gym equipment like the grips found on bike handlebars; a hygienic, safe, and secure alternative to gym gloves, providing the grip and stability he needed to aid him in perfecting his technique. It seemed so obvious, yet nothing existed that met all his requirements. Mike invented his own, and Symagrips® were born!

After partnering with co-founder Jonny, the pair set about developing and perfecting the idea. Months of research, testing and development resulted in the final patented design, with its antimicrobial rubber formulation, unique ergonomic shape, non-slip moulding and Symagrips® Safety Discs™. Originally designed for use in the gym, it quickly became clear that Symagrips® could be used in many different situations. They are now relied on worldwide to provide safe and secure handling for mobility equipment, shopping trolleys, warehousing and distribution equipment, and rails and handles of all kinds. 



Product features

Cutting edge antimicrobial rubber

SteriTouch® infused rubber protects the user from exposure to stay germ-free whilst using hand-held gym equipment fitted with SYMAGRIPS®. Added in powder form at the point of manufacture, the antibacterial performance of SteriTouch® remains effective for the lifetime of the grip.

Comfortable handling A rubber weight-lifting grip design

The SYMAGRIPS® unique ergonomic design and special soft rubber formulation enables  movement symmetry and hand alignment, decreasing the risk of muscular imbalances and injury, whilst improving technique.

Versatile and hygienic for a wide range of gym equipment

SYMAGRIPS® are popular among bodybuilders and fitness bloggers looking for an alternative to unhygienic gym gloves.

Easy to fit and remove

The precision engineering of SYMAGRIPS®, with their flexible rubber and interlocking traction split line, makes fitting and removing them quick, easy and secure.  

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