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Training Wall® is a state-of-the-art premium fitness concept, designed to offer variety and versatility in even the most space-conscious of gyms. It provides everything you require in a workout programme and more, regardless of age or ability. Training Wall® offers unlimited opportunities for cardiovascular exercise, strength resistance, and a whole spectrum of exercises to improve flexibility, balance and coordination, thanks to its vast range of performance tools and accessories. Training Wall®’s neat and elegant aesthetics make it the ideal functional training system for a functional training environment.

Designed and engineered in Barcelona, Training Wall® is an entirely unique wall system that meets all of your functional training needs in ZERO square metres. It allows you to design thrilling, multi-purpose training zones with an impressive array of interchangeable panels and tools. Training Wall® offers an innovative selection of accessories to explore all areas of functional training, ranging from the more popular attachments to exercise specific tools.

Training Wall® coordinates and balances the upper and lower limbs simultaneously, whilst stabilising the trunk’s muscles to maintain correct alignment throughout exercising. Just like trees, we humans need a stable trunk to lead a healthy life. Core stability helps to increase performance and prevent possible injury. Training Wall® allows the entire body and mind to work in harmony with complete postural control, making it ideal for all-round fitness and rehabilitation.

Versatility is at the heart of the Training Wall®. Any size facility can have the wall-mounted panels, and you can decide how large or small you would like your station to be. A simple two-panel system is perfect for individual or small group training, whereas fourteen to twenty-panel systems can be used in thrilling, large group HIIT training sessions. Once you have the wall mounts installed, Training Wall® panels are easily interchangeable, giving you complete freedom to mix and match functional training options.

Panels can be customised in a whole range of colours, and produced with special wooden and mirrored finishes to match your surroundings. They can even be vinyl wrapped to incorporate a club logo or the most inspiring of landscapes. Training Wall®‘s quick-release Training Wall® Anchor, compatible with the entire range of Training Wall® tools, are beautifully finished in brushed silver satin.

Product features

Create your training corner with this complete setting that includes anchor for a punching bag, Chin Up Bar, Dip Bar, Hooks, Cardan, Rope Puller, and inertial training with the Training Wall® SpinWall Compact. A truly complete training set of reduced dimensions and that allows me to carry out very complete and high-quality workouts.

True to the Training Wall® concept, maximizing space, functionality, and usage options, we developed The Column, a training station that allows training in its 360 degrees, allowing classes with up to 8 people. Is not wall-mounted. Create your spot focusing on boxing, functional, or performance aspects using the wide range of tools available. Change them, add new ones, suit it to the proper height, and start training. It’s very solid structure is long-lasting for heavy use and is manufactured under the high-quality standards of Training Wall creating a piece of equipment that you will love it.


Inertial exercise is the newest concept in therapeutic and fitness exercise. The difference between inertial training and other forms of exercise is the way we work Strength and speed according to inertial activation. This type of exercise can train both concentrically and eccentrically. Training Wall® SpinWall Inertial Flywheel is a patented system that sets the momentum instantaneously for invaluable eccentric work. Momentum can be adapted for different people and exercises. SpinWall conveniently houses 2 adjustable weights that are positioned in the center of the wheel, offering different levels of intensity. Moreover, its design allows you to be used without the Training Wall Panel System, so you can easily take away and fasten it in whatever place where you would like to train. Training Wall® SpinWall Compact is manufactured with the highest standards, using anodized aluminum, stainless-steel parts and all the pulleys have a high-quality double bearing, offering a smooth feeling. The SpinWall Compact has 6 levels of intensity, from the minimum to the very hard resistance only suitable for the most demanding athletes.

multi-functional hook designed for strength agility, and resistance band work. It is suitable for any anchor with a carabiner.

The Chin Up Bar of the Training Wall System is a multi-grip bar with durable/comfort rubber grips with aluminum ending parts that make of it a premium finishes. It is equipped with eyebolt for the been used as an anchor for elastics with a carabineer.

Combined with The Lever Tool it can be used as an assisted chin-up device and if is placed above of a Wall Unit panel can be easily used for people of all levels.

The Training Wall® Rope Pull makes possible a wide variety of movements based on the rope pulling and battle rope.  The design allows set up different intensities, from the easiest to a very hard depending on the loops you do on the cylinders. Also, smooth stainless steel plates protect the rope from scratching and doing the movements smoother. The system Training Wall allows to put the Rope Puller in the Training Point giving more versatility for your training, also you can set up two Rope Pullers in the same panel, saving space and getting more benefits, and when finished, you can store it on the storage system, storage trolley or Training Point.

The Dip Bar of the Training Wall System is a multi-grip bar with durable/comfort rubber grips with aluminum ending parts that make of it a premium finishes. The heavy-duty Dip Bar has narrow and wide grip options.

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