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There are few other pieces of equipment that can reach the depth and level of activation of core muscles.

The constant instability of the Younix® Stability Ball provides the challenge to your core muscles to work extra hard as they try to maintain the body’s balance.

What makes Younix® Stability Ball PRO your best choice?

Core training

The muscles in your torso provide the foundational strength that supports your entire body. Adding the Stability Ball Pro to your core work will help you build a strong foundation for optimal performance and health.

Stability and balance

An unstable surface increases activation of core muscles and allows for greater activation per exercise when compared to a stable surface.

Product features

3 reasons you should get the Stability Ball Pro

Muscular rehabilitation

The Stability Ball Pro hits the deepest fibres in each of your core muscles. This is especially beneficial for clients who suffer from back pain. 


This is an all-purpose trainer ball not limited only to core exercises. It can be used to add a balance component to many other exercises, and offers huge benefits in rehabilitation.

All experience levels

No matter the fitness level of your clients, each one can benefit by implementing the Stability Ball Pro into their training regime. It is simply one of the best ways to build your core muscles that will eventually lead to better performance and a healthier body.


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